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The mFMEA Risk Reduction Workshop 

Step 1


A complicated system with many innovations can benefit from proactively mitigating risks.  However the time and energy that go into brainstorming, ranking, and mitigating risks has diminishing returns. An expert with decades of experinece across many industries and technologies can help tailor a plan for your needs.

Step 2

Execute a Campaign of subsystem mFMEAs

The entire campaign can be completed in 2 days.  We will schedule a series of meetings with your experts to identify risks and options to eliminate, reduce, or tests. The team will find the smallest set of changes to mitigate the largest risks.  

Step 3

Implement the changes

The changes identified will need an owner to make sure they happen.  As challenges and priority conflicts come up the intent of the change needs to be preserved to ensure the top risks are proactively reduced.

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