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Support Levels to Match Your Needs Today and In The Future

There are three levels of support:

Full Speed = Daily support

Cruise Speed = Weekly support

Warm Speed = Monthly support

One unique aspect of this support contract is that you can increase, lower, or drop the level of support as your program needs change.  Compare this to hiring a full time employee.  It can take months to find the right fit, you will need to get them a dedicated workspace, in addition to stated pay you will also give them 401K benefits or stock options, healthcare coverage, paid holidays off, paid sick days off, pay employee taxes, and pay for all of the work to provide these things. If the program changes or reaches a point where that skill is not needed as much then you need to find them other work or have a painful layoff with additional costs.  If things change and you need them back they will likely have moved on and you will need to start over.

With a flexible 1099 support contract you only pay for the support you need, when you need it.  The initial risk is lower as well, if it is not a good fit dropping it is much easier than laying off a new employee.  There is also less risk of suddenly loosing support because they found another job. I have been supporting multiple customers at a time for over a decade and plan to do so for the next decade.  I enjoy solving problems and the more I solve in a week the more I enjoy it.  Maximizing hours per task as some employees and consultants do is not for me.  My goal is to do use best practices to get the best results for the best projects. Do you want to see your project meet its goals sooner and with less risk?

If we have not worked together before, or your system is new to me, then we need a Full Speed project to get started and be sure we are a good fit. If this went well you can choose to back off to Cruising or Warm speed.  

There are 3 steps to get started.

1.  Book a Support inquiry to discuss your program needs.  What are the goals?  What makes it hard?  What is the most recent major milestone and what are the next few? 

2a.  If we have worked together before and I know your system somewhat we can go straight to any support level you like.

2b.  If we have not worked together or it is a new program we will need to pick an introductory project to get up to speed in a way that adds value.
3. Sign NDAs and contracts then get started!


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Support Inquiry

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