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Available Services

Large legacy companies have entire departments for systems engineering, reliability engineering, program management, and continuous improvement.

For startups scaling with limited staff everyone has multiple jobs.

Consider me for those times you have a gap in skills or need help to get to a key milestone.

Risk Reduction Workshop (mFMEA)

Help Your Cross Functional Team Prioritize Risks

Will everything go right from the start?

Can your budget and schedule accommodate eliminating every imaginable risk? Will rushing to market with major design flaws ruin your reputation and cost more to resolve than it makes?

This is a balanced version of a well established formal process, streamlined for startups to get results with small staffs

System Reliability Engineering

Proactive and Streamlined 

Performance, availability, durability and reliability expectations need to be flowed down to every part of a system, then a program to develop the product on time and budget. 

From proposals with realistic assumptions, a preliminary design, a final design, tests to validate, growing pains from ramping up production to resolving field failures. My approach is to prevent most issues then discover and tackle outliers quickly. 

Monte Carlo Model Simulation

Create a model of your system

Do you need a way to explain to investors, insurers, or yourselves how your system  will realize your  its goals such as life span, repairs, availability, uptime, or whatever else is important to your customers and business model?

You need something that is created with common tools so it can be updated and modified as needed.  

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