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“Jay worked as the system reliability expert on a large scale space program where few mistakes could be tolerated. The program relied solely on his expertise to guide them to solutions that extend service to provide customer satisfaction. Many companies would have no less than 5 reliability engineers working a program this complex. Jay was able to guide the team from using less reliable parts to more available and much higher reliability parts, designed power redundancy, control redundancy, implemented a Failure Mode Effects Critically Analysis (FMECA) process for the program, and simulated the probability of success for many trade studies. He was not constrained by legacy space traditions that prohibit out-of-the-box thinking needed on a program of this technical edge. Jay studied the purpose for a process or procedure and then did careful analysis to implement thoughtful changes to the accepted processes that result in higher reliability at much lower cost."
Ken Larson
Director, Flight Sciences & Certification

"Jay is a very focussed and data-driven engineer. Jay's contributions to the systems interface design, product validation program, and the reliability program at SES helped to drive significant design and performance improvements. I enjoyed working with Jay as he has an active and curious mind, and he is willing to ask the tough questions that force team introspection, intellectual honesty, and internal process improvement."

Mark Powell, 

Sr. Director of Controls, Electrics, and Systems

"I had the pleasant experience of working with Jay as he consulted my team on product reliability and lifetime. Jay provided expertise in researching product reliability challenges as well as pointing out directions for improvements in product life. Jay oversaw data collection and manipulation and accompanied my team along the journey that ended in achieving our product reliability and lifetime goals.
Jay's knowledge, experience, and consulting style makes him a valuable resource for any organization facing product reliability challenges"

Adi Hoter
Director of Quality and Reliability
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