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AI for Entrepreneurs Crash Course:
Power Up Your Productivity to Get Ahead of the Curve

“AI won't replace you. A person using AI will.”-Peter Diamandis April 2023

Are You Feeling Left Behind?

In This Workshop You Will Learn to Manage a Dozen AI To Do Research  Better Than Googling, Create Unique Images Faster Than Artists and Brainstorm Text. 
We Will Also Navigate Challenges Such as Hallucinations, Legal Risks, and Ethical Issues 

This AI Crash Course Workshop :

You Will be Up to Speed in Less Than Two Months

Self Paced Recorded Lectures to Fit Your Schedule

Workshop Format to Learn by Doing

Small Classes to Share Experiences With Each Other

Provided by Ideal Frontiers Founder Jay Lewis


With two decades of experience leading cross-functional teams, Jay excels in coaching experts on adopting better methods. His passion for innovation, coupled with his adept problem-solving skills, positions him as an ideal coach to guide entrepreneurs in leveraging AI technology for a competitive advantage. [This text was generated by AI fed a two page resume for this use, then edited for accuracy. All art on this site was also created with AI. During the course AI content will be shown so you can see how it works.]


  • IT Management degree from University of Chicago

  • BS Electrical Engineering from University of Arizona

  • Six Sigma Black Belt from Honeywell International

  • Certified Reliability Engineer from ASQ

Astrid Vohnsen, Entrepreneur

“Jay is a fantastic and kind teacher with a background in space engineering. His approach to the AI course is very scientific, interesting, and fun.”

“There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade... Those that are fully utilizing AI, and those that are out of business.”
- Peter Diamandis November 2022

Workshop Without a Project
  • 5 hours of lectures 
  • All slides + Bonus content
  • 7 zoom group sessions ​
Workshop Only = $US 710.00 per person
50% discount for 2024:
$US 355.00

Since the class is small there are only a few spots 


*Tax charges might apply as per the billing address

For your security, all orders are processed by the Stripe  secured server.

Workshop With a Project
To get more out of this add a project that includes:
  • Seven to Fourteen Additional 1 on 1 sessions
  • Exercises will be focused on your project 
  • Meet before the workshop to pick a project
  • Afterwards we continue to meet to ensure results worth 4x-100x 
Workshop + Project = $US 1850.00 per person
50% discount for 2024:
$US 925.00

Projects take much more attention so these are limited


*Tax charges might apply as per the billing address

For your security, all orders are processed by the Stripe  secured server.


Enroll Now Risk free

You can get a refund anytime with one email.  No phone calls, no hassle. Just reach out and get a full, friendly and fast refund. 

If you have any questions feel free to schedule a quick discussion

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