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Free, Expert Guide to FMEA Scales

Pick the Right FMEA Method Every Time & Avoid Wasted Time, Money, & Effort

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Why the way most people approach FMEA is outdated and not nearly as effective as it could be.

  • Why sometimes more work isn’t the answer and why you could be wasting hundreds of man hours and $100,000s on wasted effort.

  • A detailed process to picking the right FMEA method for the job.

  • And much more...

Hi, I’m Jay Lewis

I first discovered FMEA when I was working at Honeywell over 20 years ago. It was the only tool I hated using, but I quickly realized how useful it could be. As a Six Sigma Black Belt I taught FMEA to 100s of engineers and engineering managers, and mentored using it to improve dozens of designs and processes.

I saw that the standard FMEA processes were tedious.  I also noticed many engineering programs missed the benefits by doing it at the wrong time  skipping it when they could have benefited.  I worked engineered designs for medical devices, renewable power generators and spacecraft I fine-tuned the process to make it get more of the benefits with less of the effort.  

Now my goal is to help technology startups avoid preventable problems to save time, money, and wasted effort by choosing the right FMEA process for them and use it at the right time.

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